How Much Does Preschool Cost? And Why is it Worth It?

If your child is approaching 3 years old, you may be considering preschool options. While price estimates will vary based on where you live and the availability of various childcare centers in your area, you pay between $372 to $1100 a month. As with any childcare facility, the quality of education and care will vary based on location and available resources.

For some families, this cost may not be a concern. For others, it may seem to be a bit of a stretch. Many parents wonder if preschool is worth it, or if they should continue with their regular, at-home childcare routine. This is especially true for families who live in urban areas, where the average cost of preschool may more than double those average estimates.

What are the Benefits of Preschool?

Despite what may seem like an astronomical cost for some, there are many benefits to sending your child to preschool. Keep in mind that there are factors that determine your child’s readiness for preschool, such as:

  • their age.
  • social skills and comfort away from home.
  • need for structure and familiarity.

It would help if you considered these before enrolling your child into a preschool, as it will help determine their overall success. If your child is ready for preschool, however, there are many different benefits to attendance.

Inspiring a Love of Learning

Teaching your children not just to tolerate learning but also to enjoy it from a young age, is often vital to their success in school and for their future. Preschools often offer fun and interactive learning lessons for your children to partake in that allow them to view learning as something to look forward to.

Social Interaction

Preschool is excellent for social interaction. Children are given a chance to interact with others their age and learn positive social behaviors. While preschool may not be ideal for children with social or separation anxiety, it’s a great way to develop social skills for many children.

Routine Building

Many children function best with regular routines, which can be challenging to provide for parents who work full-time. Additionally, attending preschool helps children become acclimated with consistent routines from an early age and often makes the transition to elementary school easier.

Personal and Emotional Development

As preschools are lead by certified instructors, students who may struggle emotionally can reap the benefits of emotional building. A guided understanding of emotions helps children adjust to new situations as they grow older.

Educational Advantages

When looking to enroll a child in a private elementary school, admissions boards often will consider preschool educated children first. In attending preschool, children are given a foundation of necessary skills, such as reading and counting. These skills are essential for success in elementary school.


Ultimately, there are plenty of benefits to attending preschool. If your child is ready for preschool, parents should consider it. It is a great educational tool that helps give your child a solid early learning foundation.

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